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Background Checks

Welcome Vacation Bible School Participants

As you prepare your staff and volunteers to work with this seasons youth at Vacation Bible School, Church Check USA is making it safer and easier than ever to get your groups background checks. We’ve tailored our Church Check Package to make sure you are in compliance with all FCRA background check criteria and guidelines. Create your church’s free account today, direct your applicants/volunteers to your custom WebCheck website and complete your background checks to make sure all participants in and around your youth are fully screened and checked.

Customize Your Account

Applicant Pay

Enable Applicant Pay to allow applicants to pay for their own background check report.


Report Copies

All applicants have electronic access to their completed background check report.

Monthly Reminder

Set up your account to show a month reminder for background check rechecks.


Yellow Flags

Create custom adjudication Yellow Flags to highlight specific applicants.

Mask PI Data

Mask Personal Information like DOB & SSN on reports and for individual account users.


Does your state do a good job adhering to the baseline standards of sex offender registration and notification?  Are deeper or more comprehensive checks needed in your state?  Check out SORNA below and be prepared.



SEX OFFENDER Registration and Notification Act

Enacted in 2006, Title I of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act — the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) — created a baseline standard for sex offender registration and public notification. SORNA replaced a patchwork of federal laws, including the Jacob Wetterling Act and Megan’s Law, to improve consistency among jurisdictions’ sex offender registration and notification laws. States and other jurisdictions that substantially implement SORNA’s requirements avoid a reduction in federal funding. To verify compliance, the Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking (SMART) reviews jurisdictional laws, policies and procedures across 14 SORNA categories, detailing if a jurisdiction has or has not met the standards. These SORNA substantial implementation reviews are available at

Fast. Easy. Smart.

Your Vacation Bible School employees and volunteers can quickly complete their background checks by phone or computer. Direct them to your church’s WebCheck website or send them a background check invitation by SMS Text Message or Email Message. They click on the link to input their information, sign their release and their background check is processed immediately.

Web Check

We design and build your free password protected, SSL encrypted WebCheck website landing page – 100% absolutely free!

Text Check

Younger applicants have a higher completion rate when sending the background check invitation via text message.

Email Check

Cover all bases and send an email invitation along with the text invitation.

Volunteer Pay

Reduce Costs

Give your volunteers the option to pay for their own background check to help your church’s mission.

Featured Benefit

Our exclusive WebCheck Website is available to our customers only and the best part is that it is absolutely FREE! You get 100% input and control how your WebCheck page looks and what content you want included.

What You Get

Along with your company specific background check links you can have applicants upload program specific documents like immunization records, training certificates or references and don’t forget any company documents that need electronic signatures! Assign unique Identifiers to any background check so you can track candidates by location, groups, districts or any custom ID you like. Direct your applicants to your WebCheck Website and wait for the results!

Web Check Page


100% Free


Password Protected


SSL Encryption

Unique Links


Applicant Pay


Volunteer Pay


Company Pay



Your Logo


Your Documents


Electronic Signatures

See a live demo!

No set up fees, no minimum lock-in contracts and no minimum volume commitments.


Criminal Confirmation

CRIMINAL CONFIRMATION is included in each search and ensures ALL criminal records reported are validated and authenticated for accuracy at the time the applicant’s report is delivered to you.  Relying on unvalidated or unconfirmed criminal records from other background check companies greatly increases your chances of disqualifying valid candidates due to inaccurately reported or outdated records that may have been reversed, expunged, removed or are simply wrong.  With CRIMINAL CONFIRMATION you can rest assured that any criminal record reported to you has been reviewed and confirmed accurate by one of our highly trained investigators or researchers. 

FCRA Compliant

All products are checked and reported per FCRA guidelines to ensure 100% compliance. Any records found are verified at the county level via Criminal Confirmation to ensure maximum possible accuracy.

Electronic Signatures

Do you have company specific documents that need signing. No problem. Have the applicant sign any document at the same time they sign the background check release. Our electronic consent platform captures their signature on documents via a computer, tablet or smart phone. All documents are encrypted and backed up securely for complete paperless retention and remote access anytime.


Get notified of all ‘hits’ or ‘records’ immediately by email. Sort, filter, archive your entire applicant database from within your account or export to a CSV file. Easily track applicants by position or group by utilizing identifiers. Set reminders to recheck applicants, manage invoices, mask PI information, add multiple account users – customization has never been easier.

Applicant Access

Our latest industry leading Applicant Access portal has received rave reviews from clients and applicants alike. The applicant can view the status of their background check and can view or download a PDF copy of their report on any device. Additionally, they can communicate with us directly if they find an issue or have a concern with anything reported. Our clients have found this results in a much more informed and happier candidate.

Text Batch

Download spreadsheet template, add the name and cell number of all the persons you want checked and email back to 


Email Batch

Download spreadsheet template, add the name and email addresses of all the persons you want checked and email back to 


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